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Kab Designs was born in 2007 as a greeting card company.

With card sales in New Mexico, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Arizona.

Card sales continue in various shops within New Mexico.


In 2012 Kab Designs would go in a new direction, creating designs for various



In 2015 Kab Designs became an LLC, and the Keith Alexander label was born.  

The Keith Alexander line would create designs for women’s clothing, accessories, activewear,  handbags, men’s clothing, homeware, and more.

Creating quality art through color and design is very important to us.  Let's connect.  We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Market expansion, product development, and design licensing opportunities are our focus.





Kab Designs, LLC

Creating quality art through color and Design.

 © Kab Designs, LLC  2023 - All rights reserved.




Creating quality art through color and Design.



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