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Keith Banner, artist, surface designer, and creative mind directing the

Keith Alexander line has lived in New York City, Nassau Bahamas, Los Angeles, California, and is now a resident of 

Albuquerque, New Mexico.


An exhibition at May Company's "Street Gallery" and Toronto Dominion Bank, in

Los Angeles, launched Keith Banner's career, featuring oil and acrylic paintings.


Following his initial launch into the creative arena, Mr. Banner went on to work in graphic design, computer-generated art, surface designs, etching, sculpture, and now the NFT arena.


Mr. Banner’s Caribbean background has been a major influence in his use of color and texture, which for him are two of the most important aesthetic considerations.  His style ranges from varied ethnic designs to modern abstract art.   


To continually improve upon his craft, Mr. Banner has studied at Otis Parson School of Design,

Los Angeles City College, San Bernardino, and Riverside Community College.

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Creating quality art through color and Design.



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